Bargain Bin: Misc 

Aw. Thanks for making it this far, I appreciate it. Older work from the choppy seas of adland. Check out the one in the desert. Absolute banger. 

Centrum: Nutrition for the real world


Droid: Exit Strategy 

It was only a matter of time before somebody tapped into the highly relatable territory of roofless desert living. Just really pumped we got there first.

CW Cooper Smith
Dir. Raf Wathion

Verizon: Power In Numbers 

In-camera antics with directors Si & Ad. Points for finding the American Psycho reference. Met someone on set that had the exact same jacket as me.

CW Cooper Smith

SevenTiki: Launch 

Launching a new drink in a saturated European market called for more than just renting a bar for the night. We created an in-depth narrative. News went bonkas.

Verizon: Jetpack 

You must say Hotspot. Or we’re not making it. That's what the inscription on the bullet said. So instead of not making it, we made it. But we just didn’t say it.

CW Cooper Smith
Dir. Pete Riski

Emergen-C: Feel The Good 

Real user stories were brought to life through Pixar-esque animation developed by the Oscar-winning filmmakers of Passion Pictures and Motion Theory. Each story reflected a different and unique style of animation created by various animators from around the world. 

Click here for all the other extensions. Couldn't face doing it. It's late and this web building platform requires way more coding than advertised. There's a funny cross-promotional effort we did with a movie. Go on click me.

CW Marji Oetting

Ebay: Someone Somewhere